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Monday, April 2, 2012

A whirl wind of a Spring!!

Well I have been MIA due to so much going on lately!  Between working like crazy and getting ready for a show in May (I'll talk about that later), we've had a bunch of yard clean up, showers, weddings, birthdays, kids' school stuff, garage door break down, truck break down.....I'm not sure if that's it?? 

That's life and yes it does happen.  However, with all the craziness, I've still been burying myself in my garage here and there trying to get something accomplished.  I seem to be coming upon a lot of hiccups with some pieces but challenge helps me learn (I guess). 

I usually take a lot of pictures of mostly big pieces of furniture but I've been trying really hard to get more of some smalls I've been working on too!  That's where I get most requests as well.  So by the end of this week I'll get some more pictures and post them. 

Now about my show coming up!  I will be doing a craft show/flea market in Sauk Rapids May 4-6 hours will be Fri 2-7pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, and Sunday 10am-4pm.  It is being held at the Sports Arena East, address is 1410 3rd Ave. S. at the Benton County Fairgrounds.  This will be an AMAZING show!  Not only because I will be there but a good friend of mine will be sharing my space and adding in a bunch of her pieces too!  Also, there will be other very talented vendors there.  It really will be worth the trip! I will be there working at the show so I hope you stop by.  I won't be doing another show until September and the pictures I'll be posting are mostly items I will be bringing to the show.  So don't miss your chance!  ;)


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