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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Painted vase with an attempt with the glass mirror look

The new hot thing right now is the glass mirror spray.  You can spray it on just about anything to get a mirror look or in some cases a mecury look.  So I found the spray and tried my hand at it.  I used 2 vases I had laying around (for awhile), washed them out, let them dry, and watched a few tutorials.  It said to spray light coats around the vase letting it dry in between coats.  I don't have any before pictures but I came to the realization that these vases just weren't going to work.  They need to have a very wide opening so you don't spray too much in there otherwise, like in my case, it just looks water and all comes off and refuses to stick. 

So with that being said I've seen others where people just painted the inside of vases.  So without taking off any of the mess I previously made I poured some red paint that I happened to be working with yesterday and this is what I got!

One thing I learned though, is to have it tipped upside down for awhile.  Maybe a few days to make sure all the excess paint has drained out.  It does take a few days for it to dry but it looks so cute afterwards! 



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