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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hoarder or Just a Furniture Junky?????

Hello fans!  I have been MIA for the past few weeks for a perfectly good reason.  I've been pondering if I'm really just a Furniture Junky or just a hoarder.  For the past few weeks, I've been loading the trailer up of finished stuff and hauling it somewhere else then bring the empty trailer back home only to fill it up AGAIN and bring some unfinished new finds out to my storage units.  (yes, plural)  On my recent run out to my storage unitS I just finish up unloading the trailer (again) only to step back and look at 2 10X22 storage units FULL!  I thought to myself I still have a garage full too!  (This is the part I started wondering if I'm just a hoarder or really have a furniture addiction)  After a day or so, I came to the conculsion that I'm NOT  a hoarder and I just can't pass up good deals when I see them, AND the pieces look so good after I finally work on them.  So I'll just keep plugging away and stop buying for a little while.  (At least that's what I told my husband) 

So now for the past few days, I've been working my tail off in my garage.  Rearranging and finishing up some projects to try and get a dent in my furniture tower.   Anyways, I don't have pictures of everything I've been working on but here are a few previews...

Cute little console table.  Sorry for the dust on the bottom!  Didn't realize it until I posted the picture.

This dresser was so fun to refinish!   It just has so much history!  These old pieces are the real reason I love furniture!

This great butcher block sat in a basement for a long time!  Has a cutting board and knife block and wheels are always great!

I had to add this picutre of the handles to the dresser above.  Here's a secret, I love old pieces just because of the hardware!!  These are solid and so cute!  You can't buy these at Lowe's!

Hope you enjoyed!