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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Country Style Accents has a webpage!

I have started a webpage finally!  I have not posted everything on there yet but working on it and it's still in progress.  You can start checking there for more photos, blog posts, for sale items, etc. 

Please note that I am starting a collection of items I have that I will have available for rent for events.  I do NOT have everything listed or pictures up yet but if you are looking for anything in particular please send me an email. 

Thank you and hope you enjoy!



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exciting news about this page!!!

After hours and hours and lots of stress and headaches from trying to figure out how to use Blogger, I am finally making the switch and in the process of building a website!!!  The new one is more user friendly and after only an hour and a half, I'm probably almost half done!  Soooooo much easier for me!  I can not wait to make the switch!  Keep checking back I will let you know when I'll be making the switch. 

(So excited!!!)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wouldn't it have been something to see a woman 60 years ago using a miter saw or a circular saw!!  I have to giggle at myself everytime I use a big tool.  The fact is though, I LOVE IT!!  No wonder men had garages and they would sit out there for HOURS 'tinkering'.  My grandpas did it, my dad did it, my own husband tries to do it.  It is such an incredible and successful feeling of not only using a power tool but to know how and to do it good.  I've never been really good at trim pieces.  We have been replacing all of our trim in our home and my husband usually does the cutting and measuring.  But lately I've been doing more practice due to details on a piece of furniture.  It just adds so much more to a bland cabinet or dresser or end table just to add a piece of trim.  Check out this before and after picture of this cabinet.



Add a little paint and it's going to look Refreshed!  Just a side note, I do fill in ALL my nail holes.  Call it personal preference but it just looks so much cleaner and professional with out being able to see them. 

Here are some (very old) past projects I have done in the past that have required me to use a lot of tools.

This was a desk that I cut up to make 1 tall cabinet.

A bench made from an old dresser.

A corner bench made from a king size headboard. 

I hope you enjoy!  And I hope you get the joy of using a power tool or two. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Maybe something new???

Boy oh boy is this industry fun!  There's just something about getting your creative juices flowing!  I love the painting, I love the decorating.  I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about something more.  Something new.  But still has the same concept of what I'm doing now. 

I truly enjoyed planning my wedding so much!  I actually miss a little of the planning part!  So I was thinking of stepping into the wedding industry with my furniture industry!?!  (Yes, that was a question mark.)  I have so many ideas and thoughts running through my head about wedding decor, set up, unique ideas, and how to just put personal touches into your wedding. 

If anyone has any ideas, comments, concerns I would LOVE to hear about them!  I would love to take the things I already have (or find) and be able to have them to help people decorate their weddings the country, shabby chic, vintage etc way to make their day special. 

So please, leave a comment or any suggestions to help me make a decision!  (I'm so indecisive!)

Thanks all!