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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Minnesota Purple Rustic Barn Wedding!!

I have to say, weddings are A LOT of work!!  Granted I insisted on doing everything myself because that's what I do!  This barn was such a great empty canvas to work with and believe me I almost filled every space I could!  Every detail was thought out and brought to life with the great help of my family and friends.  We had such a perfect day and I really couldn't have been a happier bride, because in the end I married the man of my dreams!  I got the rustic barn wedding that I wanted.  I hope you enjoy all the pictures and details.

A very rare window fit perfectly with the words, family and all of our names.  Underneath filled with a bunch of old doors.

Old suitcases for the necessities.  Everything from wet ones, bug spray, hair spray, and deodarant.

A table filled with more vintage suitcases pictures and memories. 

The tables were topped with old crates with candles, yummy mints, and our homemade BBQ sauce!

The centerpieces contained of tall glass vases with dark purples and greens and at the very bottom to weight them are nuts and bolts in memory of my dad.   He was your average tinkerer in his garage and kept BUCKETS of every nut, bolt, screw he could find!

Great old barn door repurposed with pictures of our parents and grandparents along with how many years they have been married.

Our gifts table and sign in table. 

This old bottle of DAD'S root beer has a great story behind it.  My dad used to LOVE this brand of root beer.  My mother-in-law went to a garage sale and bought a box of jars.  When she got home and started digging through the box this bottle was wrapped up hiding inside!  What a great sign for our wedding!

We added the curtains and shephard hooks with candles to light the way at night.

An old trunk in front of the head table with a great Norman Rockwell picture that says "Dear sweatheart, I love you more and more everyday". 

A cake and wine table.  Later was used for late night desserts.

Another old suitcase used for our cards.  My in-laws cut a slit on the top and screwed a black painted board on the backside and words that said 'CARDS'. 

My beautiful babies getting ready for the 'SHOW'. 

Even had an old croquet set as part of the games.  We are still looking for all the pieces!

Upstairs of the barn we had a separate table full of coloring books, crayons, and glow sticks.

At my new husbands request, a pig roast. 

The barn!

A very large water tank was suitable for soda, beer, and 2 very cute little boys to play in.

An old light with battery operated candle sticks.

My dad's car got me to the church and was our getaway car.

My husband's reaction when I surprised him with my white Camoflouge dress to match his vest!  And the Camo shoes I had to make because I couldn't find any I liked!

The barn is located in Henderson, Minnesota.
This little Piggy Catering
Kate Botwinski Photography
We stayed at the beautiful Nicolin Mansion in Jordan, Minnesota