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Friday, June 8, 2012

Maybe something new???

Boy oh boy is this industry fun!  There's just something about getting your creative juices flowing!  I love the painting, I love the decorating.  I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about something more.  Something new.  But still has the same concept of what I'm doing now. 

I truly enjoyed planning my wedding so much!  I actually miss a little of the planning part!  So I was thinking of stepping into the wedding industry with my furniture industry!?!  (Yes, that was a question mark.)  I have so many ideas and thoughts running through my head about wedding decor, set up, unique ideas, and how to just put personal touches into your wedding. 

If anyone has any ideas, comments, concerns I would LOVE to hear about them!  I would love to take the things I already have (or find) and be able to have them to help people decorate their weddings the country, shabby chic, vintage etc way to make their day special. 

So please, leave a comment or any suggestions to help me make a decision!  (I'm so indecisive!)

Thanks all!



  1. I have a ton of fall stuff you can have!! I just want it gone from my house to free up some space! :)


  2. If you love it - give it a shot! What is there to lose? Like you said, you already have a lot of stuff you can use - I say go for it! :)



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