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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NOVEMBER 16th was my last post!!!  Sorry followers, guess I'm not a good blogger!  LOL!  So finally the Holidays are over and back to some what of a normal life.  I haven't taken a break but I've just been so busy I keep forgetting to take pictures!  Well here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on lately.

This turned out so much better than I had planned.  I came across a few bumps but they were fixed and this sweet thing just found a new home today! 

These are 2 old built in cabinets.  Right now these are my pride and joy so far.  Do you ever find those pieces that you just fall in love with!?  These are it for me.  I've had to replace a lot of the trim and top but they are going to be magical when they're done!  I can't wait to finish them and show you the end results!

Old headboard made into a shelf! 

This bench is super cute!  It has storage under the seat and it is super deep.  I added the hooks and done!

This was a Christmas present for my sister-in-law!  She had been asking me for a table for months. 

I had 2 of these and sold faster than I could have probably put tags on them!  These were old radio cabinets.  I took about 10 shelves out of them!  They still have the lights inside as well as a built in plug ins inside!  They were really neat. 

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I'll add more pictures of other pieces I'm working on hopefully sooner than later.  We've been lucky so far with not much snow yet and the Husband really wants a garage spot. So I'll keep working and hopefully quit buying.  Heheehee.....  Until then hope you enjoyed!

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