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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October time!

Who doesn't love the change of the season in Minnesota?!   This is the perfect painting weather and I am having a blast painting outside!  So these are the pictures of my set ups at both the Buffalo store and Mound store.  Life has been very busy but it feels good to get back on track!

I love this blue primitive chair.  I found this at a garage sale 4 houses down from me!  I distressed a little and a darker color blue started to show underneath the littler color!  It is stunning. 

Yes I made these pumpkins myself!  They are so stinking cute!  I love making them.

The orange was my color of choice this month.  I love how this dresser turned out.  I used a rusty color orange and it was a little too bright for me.  So I wiped on some Ebony color stain and painted a little black paint on the knobs and I think it turned out great! 

I found this desk at a garage sale for $10!  When I first saw it I really pondered.  It was very dirty and the back had holes in it.  There were stains and some sort of sticky stuff all over it.  Yuck!  However, I saw it's potential!  I'm sure glad I did.  After lots of sanding and wiping down it turned out really nice.  I reused the back piece and just added corkboard and some burlap fabric.  Brand new! 

See the cute white box on top of the desk?  My sweet husband picked that up for me at a garage sale!  He doesn't do that often so how sweet!  It opens up and has a mirror inside.  We think it may have been apart of a dresser??  On the bottom it looks as though it was attached to something.  Very neat though.

The kids and I went for a walk and I had to throw this picture in here.  What a great reminder of fall!  I love all the gorgeous leaves!  Oh and the kids are pretty cute too!

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