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Friday, August 5, 2011

To explore Minnesota!!

I started refinishing furniture because I LOVED doing it!  But now after doing this for awhile I can look back and remember all the places I've been that I've never been before and all the people I've met while doing this.  I find it amazing that I've lived in Minnesota my whole life and have never been to half the places in this state that I've been too in the past year.  What a great life experience for me.  I think a lot of people say how they want to travel the world and go to all these wonderful historic places.  Yes, I say that as well.  But as I drove to South Minneapolis this morning I realized how old and beautiful the buildings are there.  How much history they hold.  How these wonderful old buildings made Minneapolis where it is today. 

And all the people I've met and how some I've had some sort of connection with.  Some that knew my mother-in-law or people who have the same passion about furniture as I do.  Some that have told me wonderful stories of pieces that I've bought from them.  I just recently bought an old swinging cradle and the older gentleman there said that a good friend of his made that cradle for his first born child 40 years ago!   Or a table and chairs I purchased from a woman whose parents had that table and chairs 50 years ago that used to sit in there basement and that's where'd they package all the meat from the cattle they had slaughtered. 

It's so great being in the job that I do not only do because I love furniture but because I enjoy exploring my own state and meeting such wonderful new people and hearing all the wonderful stories.  Because in the end all we have to leave behind is our stories and our history.   

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