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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sneak peek at my Country Wedding in Minnesota!!

Just some sneak peek pictures of what you would find at my County Style Wedding!   (pun intended)

Can you guess why I would have a dresser??

Anything painted in purple is perfection to me!

I just can't get enough of these doors!!  I have to share my story on how I found this barn to hold my reception in.  When Jason and I got engaged I knew right away I wanted a barn!  I am in love with any and all barns!  So my interenet searched started.  And continued.  And after 3 month of not finding much luck I got desperate!!  I would drive down the road and if I saw a barn I liked I would write down the address go home and google it and contact the owner!  I did say desperate!  Then 1 day I took a break from barn searching and started looking on a wedding website for decorating ideas.  I came across a couple married a few years ago in a barn and someone had already emailed them and asked where it was and if the private resident rented the barn out!  Of course she replied and said it was her parents and yes they were starting to rent it out!!  I was so excited I almost fell off my chair!  I called them right away!  Even better we don't have any family that live near us and this barn happened to be almost exactly half way for everyone!  How could this dream be true!!??  But it was and I am now getting married in 1 week!  This wedding has been so much fun planning and really making it our own.  There will be more pictures to follow! 

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